New phone loan – how much can you borrow for a new smartphone?

We cannot imagine life without a mobile phone – it is used not only to communicate but also to pay in the store, surf the Internet or take pictures. Modern smartphones are today multifunctional devices that definitely make life easier.

Their functions are becoming more advanced and device prices are rising. How to finance the purchase of a smartphone? Is a loan for a new phone a good idea?

How much will you pay for a new mobile phone?

How much will you pay for a new mobile phone?

Due to the fact that modern technology is developing very dynamically, mobile phones can do more and their prices reach dizzying sums. If you dream about the latest flagship from a reputable manufacturer, you need to prepare for an expense of 2000 USD up – the latest smartphones cost up to 7000-8000 USD.

Such an increased amount is not always at your fingertips – as a rule, to buy a premium-class telephone you need to take advantage of a loan or installment offer of a mobile operator. Of course, you can also find cheaper devices on the market, e.g. smartphones in the lite version, whose prices are much lower than for flagships.

New mid-range mobile phones cost from USD 1,000. Customers can now choose between different models – the offer is tailored to the needs of different people, while electronics stores and mobile operators sell different types of mobile phones. Prices depend, of course, on the quality of the device – processor class, RAM, camera parameters and many other factors.

Choosing a cell phone – what should you consider?

Choosing a cell phone - what should you consider?

A modern smartphone should be fast and instantly respond to touch – switch applications, launch the camera and other functions. To meet the expectations of recipients, it should be equipped with an efficient processor, e.g. Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ (in the case of smartphones with the Android system).

RAM performance is also provided by the speed of operation and ease of use – 3-4 GB of memory is enough for a smartphone to run smoothly and not jam. A capacious battery with the possibility of quick charging is also important – in the era of telephones that replace computers, it is very important that the device works for a long time and is reliable.

What about the camera? Smartphone manufacturers are outdoing each other in creating new solutions – phones with two, three or even four cameras are already on the agenda. Optical zoom, bokeh effect (background blur), wide-angle lens – if you want to take good pictures with your phone, these options will definitely come in handy. Image recording will be useful for image stabilization, as well as the ability to record in 4K format.

When choosing a smartphone, you should also check the display resolution – e.g. HD, Full HD or QHD. The type of display is also important, e.g. AMOLED, which guarantees perfect color saturation. The appearance of the smartphone will also be significant – currently, frameless models in which the display has been maximally enlarged and the side frames minimized are very popular. The new trend is also the so-called notch, i.e. indentation on the screen where the sensors and sensors are located.

New phone loan – where to look?

New phone loan - where to look?

Have you found your dream smartphone that meets your requirements but you don’t want to spend all your savings on your phone? Or maybe you lack your own funds? In this situation, you can take advantage of the offer of parabanks that offer quick loans without unnecessary formalities. Below are examples of suggestions.

Good Finance – online loan in the amount of USD 100 to USD 7,500. New customers can count on the first interest-free loan (APR 0.00%) in the amount of up to USD 3,000. The commitment at Good Finance must be repaid within 30 days. The company checks customer data in the Credit Information Bureau.

E-Money – internet loan offer from USD 100 to USD 6,000. People who have never used the company’s services can apply for the first free loan of up to USD 3,000. The minimum debt repayment period is 5 days and the maximum period is 45 days. E-Money verifies the data, and the loan can be granted 100% via the Internet.

Purchase of the phone in installments or non-bank loans? Which solution is better?

People interested in buying a new phone can take advantage of a non-bank loan, the so-called payday loans or take your smartphone in installments. Electronics stores provide many offers, including installments with APRC 0%. In this case, however, the customer should have a positive credit history, because installments in stores are offered by banks that apply rather restrictive criteria to borrowers.

Therefore, people who do not have high creditworthiness prefer to take advantage of the non-bank offer – irrespective of whether it is a one-time repayment or installment loan. People who decide to take advantage of the parabank offer should check which company provides loans for free – non-interest-bearing liabilities are the most profitable.