Can I make an online loan with a negative name?

Being dirty-named can be a nuisance. After all, with negative credit is difficult to install or get value from a bank or financial.

If you are negative or self-employed and do not have a way to provide income, getting a loan can be difficult and very expensive!

8 loan types for negative loans

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But not everything is lost! There are always companies that offer loans for negative, mainly online.

The online loan, whether negative or not, can be done completely by computer. Financial institutions and banks themselves have the option. With access to the internet, the consumer accesses the company portal, offers personal data, the desired value and soon receives a proposal.

The agreement will include the credit interest rate, payment term, penalties for late payment and other information.

Who has the dirty name is understood by any institution as an individual with difficulties to pay the debts. Therefore, when applying for the loan online, the negative is subject to higher fees and charges. Thus, the company aims to protect itself if there is no settlement of the installments. Because it is online, the interest rate tends to be slightly lower than for face to face loans.

INSS retirees and pensioners, civil servants, military police officers, wage earners and homeowners end up having easier credit approval. After all, at least in theory, they are more likely to pay the agreed installments.

Advantages of Online Loan

Advantages of Online Loan

In addition to slightly lower interest rates, online credit offers some benefits to customers. The first of these is ease of access, since you just have to have a computer to request the values. Another advantage is the speed of registration, because it is not necessary to face queues as in the face-to-face mode of credit, which is in the banking and financial agencies.

Online loan has the fastest application and credit approval is easier.

There is also the flexibility of request, because the consumer can do it at any time. Credit analysis in this mode is also usually faster, with the loan response coming in a few days.

Watch out for scams!

Watch out for scams!

Just as there are serious companies in the online lending business, there are those who act in bad faith. Therefore, when requesting credit of this type, the individual must first check the security of the site on which they are. In general, secure portals have a lock on the search bar. This indicates that the date filled in there will not be disclosed.

Also, it is important to check the reputation of the company on the internet. When choosing a service, look for the financial company on search engines, and check the opinion of other customers about it. It is essential to know if there have been problems, if the service is good and other requirements.

If the creditor offers too many good advantages, be suspicious! Otherwise, the loan can become a headache.

Finally, if the condition for granting the loan is to deposit in the company account, run away from business! In no way can a company request amounts to grant credit. If this occurs, there is a blow in progress.

Loan for negative: other options

Loan for negative: other options

If online fails, the negative consumer can count on two interesting lending options in the market. With refinancing assets, for example, he places a car or property as collateral for bank credit. In return, it receives the amount it needs, and divides the “guardianship” of the good with the financial until it has all the installments. When this happens, he becomes the owner of the good again. If you fail to pay the installments, you can have your item “taken” as a form of discharge.

The other alternative is the payroll loan. Those who adhere to this credit have the loan payment installments discounted straight from their salary. This way, the financial company is sure of receiving the payment, and is more flexible regarding the dealership.