Loan from a private person

Lending to individuals by banks is at a very low level today. And all because many customers are constantly faced with rejections. The difficult financial situation in the country requires tightening of the rules of verification, banks cannot trust borrowers, so they check them as carefully as possible. This situation has led to the growing popularity of alternative sources of financing, such as microfinance companies. There is still an opportunity to take a loan from a private person for a receipt . This method of lending is very beneficial, because you do not need to collect a large number of documents, long wait for a decision. Loans from individuals are issued quickly and without complications.

Private Loan: Benefits

Private Loan: Benefits

As with microfinance organizations, borrowing from a private person is worth it only after you have studied all the terms of cooperation, make sure that there are no hidden fees and commissions in the contract. It is also very important to check the reputation of the person who gives you money, to find reviews about it. If all goes well, you will be able to appreciate the following benefits that private loans have :

  1.  rapid decision making;
  2.  minimum package of documents (usually enough passport and TIN);
  3.  no influence on credit history – banks do not recognize that you have taken out loans from individuals for a receipt ;
  4.  the variability of the conditions of cooperation is much easier to negotiate with an individual than with an official financial institution.

Having received a loan from individuals, it is very important to make a debt payment on time. Usually money is issued and returned in cash, other personal terms can be used to discuss other loan repayment terms.

Advantages of micro finance organization

Advantages of micro finance organization

If you do not want to understand how to apply for a loan from a private person , and risk taking money from a stranger, not an officially registered company, it makes sense to apply to the micro finance organization. Microfinance organizations also offer loyal conditions of cooperation, willingly give out money only on passports and TINs. Only in this situation will you still have the inner confidence that everything is happening legally and safely!

How to plan for a loan?

Planning is the key to success, and will prevent your debt from becoming a snowball. When planning for a loan or financing, two things are essential: budget and market research.

As for market research, our loan simulator can help you a lot by showing the installments at various banks.

As for planning your budget, we hope to give you some valuable tips here in this post and other articles on our blog. But that part is up to you the most! Therefore, it is important that you take your time, very calmly (and some chocolates), and put in how much you earn and how much you spend on paper.

So your debt does not hurt your life, we have made a small step-by-step how to plan a loan. Good reading!

What I want?

What I want?

Set a clear and simple goal. Knowing what you want (not just value) can help you find targeted credit lines that have much lower interest rates. Examples:

I want to buy a new (or used) car → The solution for you is a vehicle finance.

I want to take a trip, but it is very tight to pay all at once → The solution for you may be a personal loan or maybe apply for a credit card and install the invoice.

I want to renovate my house to rent a room → Some banks have special lines for construction and renovation.

I want to end my debt on overdraft and close it once and for all → go to the bank and talk to your manager about a renegotiation of your debt. The interest will be much lower!

I want to invest in my education and I think about getting a postgraduate degree or MBA, for example, has credit lines for this (Continuing Education Credit and Credi-University).

I am a seamstress, an individual microentrepreneur, and if I buy more fabric wholesale I get a good discount, save time and produce better → The solution for you may be a microcredit line.

The most general category is the unsecured personal loan which is why it usually has the highest rates. See our blog for tips on getting cheaper rates and on online lending sites.

How much?

How much?

This question, while obvious, is ignored by many. It may happen (especially with your credit card) that you get a higher credit limit than your needs. That’s where the danger lies.

If you don’t fix how much you need from the start, you’re more likely to get into debt than you need, and create a bomb to explode in your future.

Remember that the money you take today will have to be returned in the future. And with interest. And that means you’ll spend less on what you like (and more on banks).

Got something to put in warranty?

If you have a repossessed property in your own name, you can place it as collateral for a loan. This way you will get much lower interest rates, as the bank will make sure that if you do not repay the loan, it can take your apartment. This type of secured home loan can be called a mortgage or real estate refinancing.

Similarly, if you have a repossessed car in your own name, it can also be collateral if you do not repay your loan. This type of loan is called vehicle refinancing.

Payroll loans, in a way, are a way of placing your salary as collateral. If you are a civil servant, retired or INSS pensioner, or a private company worker who has an agreement with a bank, you can apply for this type of loan. The loan installments are directly deducted from your salary (or benefit in the case of the INSS), banks are more sure that they will be paid, so you will get lower interest rates.

If you have jewelry you can also place them under warranty . Thus, if you do not pay, they will auction your jewelry to pay off your debt. This way, they have a good guarantee that the borrowed money will come back, and thus can charge cheaper rates.

How much can I pay per month?

How much can I pay per month?

For a moment, forget about the interest. Focus only on installments: Will you be able to pay USD 600 a month on loan? Or isn’t it better to pay in more installments but pay less, for example, USD 500 a month?

Be very realistic and do not have the best scenarios. The question here is: will you be able to repay the loan, or will it get out of your financial life?

This question is even considered by banks when deciding whether to give you a loan or not: this is the income commitment. The idea is, if your order is unrealistic, and the installments are too large compared to your income, it will be very risky to lend you something.

To find out if the installments will weigh too much on your budget, take a break, breathe, and put your bills on the table: How much do you earn and how much do you spend per month?

The tip is: put your income and your expenses in a spreadsheet. Plan the coming months and see if the fittings fit in your pocket. It can be a spreadsheet, a sheet of paper, whatever, as long as you see what will happen to your money.

After paying off the loan installments, will you have money to live on? If not, try increasing the number of installments or decreasing the loan amount!

Where to get a personal loan? It’s time to research the prices

Where to get a personal loan?  It

In the lending world, the price is the interest rate. This is the price of the money you are borrowing. As with any major purchase you make, researching prices is super important!

Our simulator, besides showing you the cheapest loans, will not let you down. After simulating your loan, you can check it out step by step tips on how to borrow from the bank of your choice!

Lowest-Rate Loans

“Hello! Unfortunately, we were unable to complete your purchase as there is not enough balance left in your account. ”How many times should you have received this type of message? In addition to embarrassing, the content warns that: yes, you are negative!

The good news is that today the market offers a range of possibilities for those in the red who want to rush to the nearest banking institution to get out of the stifle.

Low interest rate loans

Low interest rate loans

The range of options is tempting, but there are a number of lines in the contract that need to be carefully considered before you leave with signed paper and a ‘stuffier’ wallet, and the main one is choosing the one that will fit your needs and take away. the rope around his neck, without causing the debt to become an endless snowball.

The warning from financial market experts is that before closing a deal, each type of loan should be analyzed, carefully evaluating the rates embedded in the total debt value. the necessities.

But you have to understand how each one works, taking into consideration the value of the loan installment, to choose which offer fits right in your pocket. Today, in the ranking of the most sought after are:

Personal loan

Personal loan

Aimed at meeting even the negatives, it is the leader among the most requested because it has the easiest approval. This form of loan is always one of the first choices of those in trouble because it is released faster. On the other hand, ease and agility can come at a very high price.

This is because interest rates can reach 7% per month – a percentage well above the average of other modalities;

Payroll loan

Payroll loan

Several national banking institutions already have this option for those who are in the red and, to make matters worse with the dirty name. Some release loans only to civil servants, military or retired INSS pensioners, because they are assured that this client receives monthly salary and / or direct benefit in the checking account.

Thus, the institution can withdraw the amount of the installment before it is debited into account, until the full payment of debt. Today this type of business is pointed by experts with one of the best options, because it has lower interest rates, around 2% per month;

Guaranteed loan

Guaranteed loan

Jewelry, cars and real estate emerge here as a guarantee of debt repayment. In this case, the interest rates average 3% per month and may vary slightly, depending on the institution chosen to obtain financial assistance. If the client does not repay the debt, the good left as security works as payment.

Experts explain that because it offers less risk to the financial institution, this method has been advantageous for borrowers with lower rates.

Full of offers for those who need extra money, the loan market moves millions every year

Little Help Online

Data from the National Association of Finance Executives indicate that in the last decade, the value of loans provided has exceeded the mark of USD 3.1 trillion. The wave of growth has sparked market interest and today there are a number of companies of all sizes offering financial services on networks.

Combining technology and finance, the boom of virtual establishments that offer credit alternatives is already a reality in the country. The number of fintechs offering online financial aid is already up to 400, and with lean staff and no need to spend on agencies, for example, these companies can afford to offer credit at lower rates as operating costs are lower. .

Another factor that contributes to the growth of this niche market is that in this mode online credit has become more accessible and anyone on the network, including negatives, can ask for help and have a faster return than in the traditional system. In this type of negotiation it is also essential to pay attention to the details of financial services, as interest rates can vary from 2.8% to 7.2% per month.

Credit lines can also be a way out

Credit lines can also be a way out

Not only loans live the financial market. Banks and service providers also offer, for example, overdraft, but in this case the indebted person must be aware that the interest rates are very high, reaching up to 15%, which is not an advantage for those already in the red .

Debt financing and refinancing are also on the list of options that can save the negative, but you need to look carefully at the financial institution on a case-by-case basis to assess the differentials of each offer and compare charges and taxes embedded in the value of the installments.

When hitting the hammer about hiring the business, pen and paper in hand help you calculate the risks and opt for the most advantageous offer.

Valuable tips for those considering a loan

Valuable tips for those considering a loan

1.Check the details of each fee charged;

2.Compare fees and payment terms of the agreed amount. In the paytable there is data stating, for example, whether the value decreases or increases, or whether the value can be readjusted or fixed;

3. Attention to contract payment conditions – including insurance, as in some cases they increase the value of the installment considerably;

4.All major national banks offer internet banking loans, but a chat with the account manager can be crucial when choosing the most advantageous deal;

5. If applying for a loan online, the guideline is to check the security of the site and not make any advance payments.

Loans – how to get one


The loan is nothing more than an agreement between bank and the customer. bank lends money to the client, who spends it any way he wants, whether it’s for debt payments or future investments. The amount will be returned to the bank with interest payment within a specified period.

Whatever type of loan you choose from bank, be aware:

  • In order for this credit to be approved, the bank will analyze your registration data and your credit risk.
  • bank will report the interest rate charged per month and year, amounts, due dates, taxes, charges and the CET (Total Effect Cost). Always check this data!
  • You will need to open an account, and this may also have costs.

At bank there are 6 types of personal loan. See below the main ones and see which one is best for you!

How to borrow : Digital Credit

How to borrow : Digital Credit

This type of loan is made online, and the credit is immediately deposited in the customer’s checking account. Digital Credit can be ordered in 3 ways: over the internet, at the ATM or through Phone Banking.

For the first payment, the term can be up to 45 days and up to 48 installments. The maximum amount borrowed by Digital Credit is $ 50,000. Proof of income or signing documents is not required.

How to borrow from : Installment Credit

How to borrow from : Installment Credit

The second type of bank loan is pre-approved and repayment is made in installments. Parceled Credit is suitable, for example, for clients who wish to organize their budget, travel, travel or renovate their home.

If approved, the requested loan falls into the checking account within 48 hours. The first payment can also be made in 45 days and the number of installments can be up to 48. To apply for Installment Credit, simply talk to your manager or apply for Phone Banking.

How to borrow from : Personal Credit Card

How to borrow from : Personal Credit Card

Suitable for account organization and small projects, Personal Credit Card is the exclusive personal loan for customers of or Diners Club credit cards. Deposited to cardholder account within 5 business days, customer can pay first installment within 60 days.

Installment payments can be made up to 36 times and must be requested through the internet or through Phone Banking.

How to Get Loan: Single Installment Credit

How to Get Loan: Single Installment Credit

It is a personal loan where payment to bank is made in one installment. Single Parcel Credit is granted to eligible customers who need short-term credit.

The customer chooses the payment date, which needs to be made between 15 and 90 days after hiring the service. To apply for Single Installment Credit, you must contact your manager or Phone Banking.

How to borrow : Investment Guaranteed Credits

How to borrow : Investment Guaranteed Credits

You can apply for this type of personal loan with your manager. Ideal for customers who don’t want to redeem their investments and want lower rates.

In this type of loan, you put your investments as collateral. If you do not pay, the bank will sell part of your investments to repay the debt. That way your bank risk gets smaller, and the rates for you get much lower.

The maximum payment term for Investment Guaranteed Credits is 48 months and the limit is equivalent to your investments.

How To Get Loan: Private Payroll Loans

How To Get Loan: Private Payroll Loans

Private Payroll Loans are fast, secure and directly deposited into the client’s checking account.

With special interest rates, customers can pay up to 60 times through payroll discounts. Private Payroll Loans are available to employees of bank member companies.